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Por US $ 7.499, esse Jeep Cherokee 2000 muito básico é uma pechincha?

Por US $ 7.499, esse Jeep Cherokee 2000 muito básico é uma pechincha?

Bom preço ou sem dados 2000 Jeep Cherokee

Se você está ansioso para viver uma vida de luxo, então hoje Bom preço ou sem dados Jeep não é o carro certo para você. Alternativamente, se você gosta da ideia de virar as janelas e mudar de marcha, temos muito o que discutir. Isso incluirá o preço simplificado do Cherokee.

Comentários sobre ontem Chevy Corvette ZR-1 1990 Eu segui duas linhas básicas de ideias. O primeiro foi algo como “meh, é C4”, enquanto o outro foi impulsionado por um grau muito maior de luxúria e incluiu uma quantidade notável de baba implícita. Um preço pedido de US $ 17.900 selou o acordo para os babões luxuriosos, ganhando o ZR-1 75% do preço de Nice.

Imagem do artigo intitulado $ 7.499 Este Jeep Cherokee 2000 muito básico é um roubo?

Um meme muito popular é a imagem de um homem batendo o dedo na têmpora com a frase “Você não pode ____ se não for ____”, sugerindo que a falta de alguns detalhes mais finos alivia você dos problemas que esses detalhes minuciosos às vezes tenho.

Tudo isso nos traz até hoje Jeep Cherokee 2000 Porque se trata de um carro tão básico quanto você pode imaginar, o que significa que não deve causar tantos problemas quanto já não existe Muitas coisas que podem dar errado.

This Jeep has a modest 94,000 miles showing on the odometer and comes with a clean title, both attributes that support we’re off to a good start. It also has a fresh paint job, what the seller says is a “rust treatment,” and… well, that’s pretty much it.

Image for article titled At $7,499, Is This Very Basic 2000 Jeep Cherokee Basically a Steal?

Everything else about it is as basic as it gets. This is a two-door XJ which is kind of rare-ish, and that means fewer door seals to fail as well as less chance to trap water and rust. That body rolls on black-painted steel wheels which are a timeless design and should serve for years without issue. Inside, it’s all cloth upholstery and manual-crank windows which will get the job done with little muss and fuss.

Even the mechanicals are pretty basic, and that’s where the parsimony might start to get in the way. At issue is the 2.5-liter OHV four under the hood. That’s a derivation of the larger straight-six, but with just 120 horsepower and 139 lb-ft of torque, it’s down on muscle. Luckily, it’s paired with a five-speed manual rather than a party pooper slushbox. A Selec-Trac four-wheel-drive system wraps up the simple mechanicals

Image for article titled At $7,499, Is This Very Basic 2000 Jeep Cherokee Basically a Steal?

According to the ad, it “Runs great” and the seller claims the Jeep is ready to drive and enjoy. The ad also says it has new leaf springs in the back and has had a recent “electrical overhaul” although no detail is provided as to how extensive that was.

The interior shows some wear, most notably in a tear on the side of the driver’s seat, but it’s not in any way unlivable. Continuing the bare minimum theme, the instrument cluster is made up of a speedo and a fuel gauge, leaving all other information to be communicated by warning lights and, potentially, strange noises. Being a model built in this century, it does at least come with a pair of airbags in the dash. I’m not sure if it also offers A/C though.

Image for article titled At $7,499, Is This Very Basic 2000 Jeep Cherokee Basically a Steal?

As noted, that’s not a lot of stuff, and that means there’s also not a lot that could go wrong. Aside from the four under the hood, everything here looks to be a perfectly satisfying ride for someone who just wants to get by and isn’t all that into flashy baubles or the latest fad. How much should such a frugal shopper expect to spend in finding out whether less is really more?

The seller asks $7,499 for the Jeep and I’d like you now to weigh in on the truck and that price. What do you say? Is this very basic Cherokee worth that $7,499 price as it’s presented in the ad? Or, does the Jeep just not have enough kit to command that much caboodle?

You decide!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Craigslistou vá por aqui Se o anúncio desaparecer.

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